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Digital DJ is fully licensed by both PPL and PRS for the supply of music to be played in the public place. - You can rest assured that by using Digital DJ, you will never leave yourself open to possible prosecution or copyright infringement.


Digital Dj is licenced by PPL Prs and Mcps for the supply of digital sound recordings for the use in a public place, you can feel rest assured that by using Digital Dj ltd all the music played in your venue is from a legal source and you will never infringe copyright laws or leave yourself open to possible prossecution.

Copying of sound recordings for commercial purposes

When you purchase a sound recording in any format i.e. CD, tape, vinyl, download etc, this only gives you the right to use that sound recording for personal non-commercial use. Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) owns the copyright for the vast majority of sound recordings in the UK and the copying of those sound recordings, is an act restricted by copyright under Section 17 of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988.

Recently a number of companies have been creating background music services for commercial premises, such as bars and hotels to be played through an iPod or similar MP3 player. In order to copy sound recordings for any commercial purpose, for example to create a background music service for iPods or for broadcast, you are required by law to be licensed by PPL.

Provision of such services without the necessary licence is an infringement of PPL’s copyright and PPL will take action under Sections 17 & 97 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act through the courts to enforce its copyright. Anyone found infringing copyright is liable to pay damages, court costs and PPL’s legal costs. If you offer a commercial music service that you believe may require a licence please contact Richard Stewart, Head of Rights Negotiation at PPL on 020 7534 1000 or by email at


PPL PRS Music All music supplied by Digital DJ is licensed via PPL and PRS