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Digital DJ is fully licensed by both PPL and PRS for the supply of music to be played in the public place. - You can rest assured that by using Digital DJ, you will never leave yourself open to possible prosecution or copyright infringement.


If you are a bar owner or a bar manager, then youíll know the importance of having the right music in your venue, your customers keep coming back, they stay longer and you get the best reputation in town and that means bar takings go up. Equally get the music wrong and suddenly you're no longer the best bar and takings suffer. That's why you hire DJ's to help fill your bar; they can judge the mood, lift the atmosphere and really get the place jumping. But let's be honest, you canít hire a DJ for every hour of every day that you are open, you would soon have DJ bills bigger than your bar take. If only you could find equipment that thinks, acts and does what a DJ does, then you would have the perfect recipe for success in your venue. This is exactly how Digital DJ became a reality. In 2001 two hugely successful DJ's were approached by a major leisure operator to design and create a system that would do just that, think, act and play music just like a DJ.

Being professional DJ's they knew exactly how music works  a venue to its maximum. The system that has been created is Digital DJ. This is a system that works to the profile of your venue, carefully selecting the right music for the right time of day each and every hour that you are open. The system picks from a limitless catalogue of music tracks that have all been carefully chosen for your venue. There are no gaps in the music, just a seamless stream of appropriate music. The music catalogue is constantly updated and the system can cater for seasonal events or unforeseen circumstances, such as an unexpected upsurge in customers.

The Digital DJ system means that you no longer have to rely on someoneís own personal choice of CD's, you can reduce your DJ bills and maintain consistency in all of your music. There are other systems that claim to be like Digital DJ, but many of these are little more than random music players with no affinity to the style values of your venue. Digital DJ has been designed and developed by professional DJ's and is the only affordable way to have a world class DJ on site that will take care of all eventualities (Bank Holidays, Football matches etc) The Digital DJ is completely user friendly and allows for full automation with manual overrides if needed, no other system on the market offers such a comprehensive menu of features.

The Digital DJ system is currently being used in some of the most respected venues in the North of England, Scalinis Gosforth and Fluid  Newcastle upon Tyne are just two examples of the cost effective method of fixing your music bills whilst maintaining the highest standards in music.

Call Digital DJ for a free demonstration and see for yourself the revolution in music, which is Digital DJ.

Centurion Bar (Newcastle) saves £16,500 that goes straight on the bottom line and increased footfall !!

If you are using DJ's or music to improve the atmosphere in your bar to keep the customers coming in, you will know that it costs money to do it right. You will also know that music is critical to getting the atmosphere right in any bar. At Centurion Bar (Central Station, Newcastle) they were employing DJ's four nights a week at a cost in excess of £20,000 per annum and running a music playing system alongside.

After installing The Digital DJ system Centurion were able to save £16,500 but crucially they maintained the Dj standard of music and business actually increased.



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PPL PRS Music All music supplied by Digital DJ is licensed via PPL and PRS