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Digital DJ is fully licensed by both PPL and PRS for the supply of music to be played in the public place. - You can rest assured that by using Digital DJ, you will never leave yourself open to possible prosecution or copyright infringement.


Digital DJ is not a one off purchase of a box. It is a music playing system that has at its centre a highly developed and sophisticated software program developed by experienced DJ's. However it is more than the system, it is the initial bespoke profiling through the continued service provision that makes Digital DJ unique.

Every Digital DJ system begins with an initial consultation, where the musical requirements are assessed and matched to the venue. The musical requirements will reflect the music brand values of your venue every hour of every day of every week of the year. It is tailored to the peaks and troughs of the venues trading pattern and every track is stitched to the next exactly as a professional DJ would, ensuring seamless music.

Once the system is installed, Digital DJ will provide continued assessment of any change in music requirements, through regular consultation with the customer, thus maintaining strong control on the music brand value and consistency.

Whilst Digital DJ appreciates that the functionality of the system should be instinctive and easy to use, there are measures built into the system to ensure that any attempt at venue level, to interfere with the music selection, is restricted to a level that would be acceptable to the management. This prevents staff from turning the Digital DJ system into a personal music player and ensures that the high standards of music are maintained.

The system has a built in function to allow for any change in trading patterns and selection of personal requests, but any permanent change or deletion of music can only occur through the directive of the management. Seasonal and themed music profiles are also built into the system in order to take care of every music eventuality. All of these measures are specifically engineered into the system to guarantee that the brand values of the venue are up held, much in the same way as the venues staff would not be encouraged to re-design or change the colour scheme of a venue to suit their own personal taste.

Digital DJ is also unique in that, due to the nature of the lease agreement, if there is a fault with the system hardware that can not be rectified, Digital DJ will automatically replace the hardware system with a new system within 24 hours. Also throughout the period of the lease, if an upgrade in the technological standard of the hardware is needed, then this can easily be facilitated. This ensures that the venue will never be burdened with worthless and redundant technology. The lease agreement also allows for all costs to be taken off the accounting balance sheet for tax purposes.

Digital DJ also offer a full 24 hour back up service and a technological service hotline to rectify any faults in the system, should they occur, making sure that every venue is not inconvenienced by a disruption to their music commitment.

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PPL PRS Music All music supplied by Digital DJ is licensed via PPL and PRS